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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

Steve Doering -

Well my friend! Life is getting busy for you but you still remember to thank your fans, stop and shake hands, exchange hugs and smiles. Your heart must feel so amazing when you hear and see the joy you bring to people around the world. There are alot of performer's in the world but not all can say that they move the very soul of a human being in the way that you do. I believe I've stated something like that before. Always continue to look into the eyes of those that surround you and you will forever be happy inside! God Bless you.


Joaquen Fernandez Chequin -


"Fantastic, man!

Those flamenco-ish parts spiced the song just


Your road it's very clear and very precise; you

fill a nice niche, I didn't hear something with

these styles combined until now.

Spanish guitars, good voice and i can already

tell that you can fill a room with that presence

and the personality of your style.

Very good job, you've found another follower"


Ayaz Ali -


"Nathaniel I had no idea how good you are! If i
had known i would have hired you for my wedding! Absolutely phenomenol! My mrs is

spanish and she loves flamenco as do I."


Muhammad Suddique -


"The way you immerse yourself in your music

is so rare that everyone can see your connection

with it. That's the second best thing; the first is obviously the music."


Sean Wiseman -


"Your good at the guitar, but theres something else to it too... with your play style and attitude."

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